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Drink with Love


At our core is a strong commitment to give back and help people who need it. That is why we donate 5% of every purchase to Global Water, helping to get clean water to people who need it. In this world almost a billion people do not have access to clean water and have to walk hours a day for water. This duty tends to fall on women and girls who spend the day walking instead of going to school or working. Love Bottle was able to help get a clean water station to a school in Guatamala that services over 300 students. Now the children can attend school instead of walking for water. Currently, our donations are helping to support clean water solutions in Syria, where war has left many cities without clean water. Thank you for your help in getting clean water to communities that need it. Water is life, and clean water needs to be a basic human right. To learn more and to help us in our cause, visit