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Why We Love Rainbow Love by Minna Yoo, Founder

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We are so excited to be sharing our Rainbow Love Bottle with the world. This limited edition beautiful bottle was created to show our support and belief that love comes in many shades and colors. Love is inclusive, bountiful, and beautiful. Love is Powerful. Love is Love. It is through a celebration of Love that we will overcome fear and hate.

We all come into this world like unique snowflakes. No two are the same. Each of us with our own individual expression, which makes for such a rich experience here on Earth. The problem is we convince ourselves that our differences separate and divide us, which leads to fear and hate. The truth is at our core we are all the same. Just like the snowflake, at our core we are all water, and we are all love. We can look at another snowflake and dislike it or fear it because it looks different then us. But we all fell from the same sky, the same cloud, and are made from the same ecosystem.

Another analogy could be to look at a body, where each one of us are a little part of the larger body. The big toe might look at the thumb and feel jealous. Why does the thumb get to be all long and lean, while I am short and stubby? Why do I have to be on the dirty ground? The toe might hate the thumb, thinking its existence is only to make the toe unhappy. Death to Thumbs!!  The strand of hair doesn’t even get those “digits”. Why do they get so much attention anyway? And what about those organs? So gross, and squishy. Plus they are on the “inside”. They don’t even get to be “outside”. They don’t know anything. This is what we do as humans. We see our differences and feel separate as a result. Yet, the big picture is we are all part of a whole. Is the big toe not as important as the thumb?  Doesn’t it provide an invaluable service to the body? How would we walk and run around otherwise? Isn’t it to the benefit of the whole body that we work together and recognize that we each have our own important role to play?

When we start to celebrate our differences while embracing that we are also the same then we will stop trying to change each other to fit into a mold we believe to be “right”. There is no right, there is only love. If we live in a state of inclusive love, we will stop fighting each other. We can lay down our story that we should hate what is different, and we can join hands instead. When we join hands in love, the power of our love is amplified. It is exponential. We may feel that we ourselves are too small to make a difference, and yet all of the power lies in each of us. We can’t do it without you. You are powerful beyond measure. Your love can change the world. <3