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Celebrating American Made on the 4th - Making the Impossible Possible by Founder, Minna

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In the month of July our national pride always rises up. We are so happy to say that every part of Love Bottle is 100% sourced and manufactured in the USA. It was a long journey to make it happen and it was much harder than any of us ever dreamed it would be. We were told many times that it was impossible, but we decided to follow our dream and persevere, knowing that this country is capable of amazing things.

Join us in the effort to save sea turtles during the month of June and celebrate World Oceans Day!

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Love Bottle has partnered up with ECOlunchbox and Ocean Sole for the entire month of June, in celebrating World Oceans Day, to raise funds for SEE Turtles, a nonprofit that provides sea turtle conservation and protection. For every order placed during the month of June, a donation of $1 (with code SEETURTLES) will be donated to SEE Turtles Billion Baby Turtles Project which will help to save at least one endangered hatchling at an important nesting beach in Latin America.  Collectively, we are committed to reducing harmful plastics from filling our beautiful oceans by spreading awareness and offering products that reduce plastic consumption.