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Earth Day, Every Day - by Courtney

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For anyone who is passionate about the environment and our beautiful planet, Earth Day is like the World Cup and the Kentucky Derby combined. Earth Day is an annual event that is celebrated worldwide in supporting environmental protection, and is held on April 22nd. Spring is a time of continuation and rebirth for our world affecting not only humans but our environment as well, but why not make this day every day? This Earth Day, ask yourself what makes you feel connected and have quietude by the beauty that our Earth gives us and what Earth Day Every Day means to you. When do you take time to take a step back, admire the scenery, and the sounds that the Earth shares with us?

Alright, I will begin first.

Rain or sunshine, I love to run outside. It doesn’t matter what area I am running through, as I’ve gone on runs from forests and cities to beaches and parks. This is a time for myself where I get to unwind and forget about absolutely everything while I get lost in the music, where I’m releasing so much more than sweat. Though each run is different, I can remember periods in my life where running helped me get through sad and hard times and I can remember periods where I was happy or just still with life. These emotions are attached to the scenery and all that our Earth has to offer. I witness birds flying from tree to tree, beautiful plants that were non-existent one month to transforming the next, and sunshine hitting off the waves in the distance. The world is lit up some days, giving my run bright and warm colors. While other days, it is gray and dark. These are the days in my life where I appreciate the scenery around me, and not only feel connected with the environment but where I feel most connected with myself. This is forever a gift I am grateful for.

As a gift to ourselves and for our planet, lets share our love for the planet every day. Take the time and think about the things that make you feel at peace with the Earth and ask yourself, what does Earth Day Every Day mean to you?"