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Reducing your Plastic Footprint - by Nicole

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Did you know that the US is the largest consumer of plastic water bottles in the world and that only about 8% of all plastic bottles are recycled each year?  Plastic is a substance that cannot be broken down.  So even if bottles are recycled, they are considered to be downcycled, meaning they are broken down and then reused if possible into a lower-value product.  Every year we use 17 billion barrels of oil to make plastic water bottles. This is enough fuel to power 1 million cars!

Re-using a water bottle can not only save you money (bottled water is 10,000 times the cost of tap water), but it can also prevent the use of more than 240 plastic water bottles per year.  Glass bottles are made using three natural ingredients:  sand, soda ash and limestone - and a lot of recycled glass.  Once it's made, it can be reused repeatedly and recycled infinitely.

Do your part to minimize plastic bottles in our landfills and waterways and stay hydrated using a refillable glass Love Bottle.