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World Water Day 2017 - Join us in making a difference and make clean water a right for every human - by Nicole

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March 22nd was deemed World Water Day in 1993 by The United Nations General Assembly.  There are 663 million people in the world that are living without access to clean water.  Many of these people have to walk over 4 kilometers or more a day to access water, and this water may not even be a clean source.  This prevents children from attending school, or their mothers from being to work or to be with their children.  The theme for World Water Day 2017 is:  Waste Water.  There is a lot of waste water that flows back into nature without being treated, so the hope is to bring more of an awareness around it. 

At Love Bottle, we feel passionately about giving back and we choose to partner with Global Water (, to donate 5% of all sales annually.  Last year, we donated enough money to help build a clean water station for a school in Guatemala.  The station allows girls to attend school instead of spending their days carrying water.  Currently, we are working with Global Water to help rebuild and provide clean water access in war torn Syria and Jordan.

To celebrate World Water Day, March 22nd, we will be donating 22% of all of our online purchases to Global Water to further support our partners in creating access to clean water to more people around the world. 

Join us in making a difference every day and making clean water a right for every human.